Aruba exclusive destination – online Taziro ideas for travelers

Thinking of visiting Aruba and you have no idea what to do when you get there? Taziro experts will help you with some very nice ideas.

Aruba is different from the others Caribbean islands. The climate here is arid, desert like, more prone to cacti than to royal palms. One of the great wilderness treasures in the region  is Arikok National Park. This place is perfect if you like hiking along limestone cliffs, horseback riding along the shoreline or swimming in natural pools.

Of course that there are many other things to do and options are not limited to the park. Have a dinner with a sunset view. In Aruba you will find over 25 waterfront restaurants and here you will have the best seafood on the island.

Get a tan on the best Caribbean beach. The wind in Aruba might seem to be a thing to complain about but, trust me, when it’s really hot, cool breeze blowing across the island is very welcomed. The white sand and the crystal clear water are perfect for your vacation if your plan is doing absolutely nothing.

Swim around a natural bridge. Unfortunately the most famous natural bridge from Aruba collapsed in 2005. However, you will find here plenty of amazing limestone cliffs.