My Yuusk experience in Paris

My Yuusk experience in Paris

Paris may be the city of love and one of the most romantic places in the world but today I’ve been having a little romance with the city itself. It turns out I LOVE Paris.

I spent the day wandering among some of the main attractions, stopping for café lattes and macaroons, shopping in the boutique stores and generally loving every corner of this gorgeous city.

After I arrived on Thursday afternoon and, rather than sharing my travel tips and reviews just yet, I thought I’d share the journal I’ve been scribbling in each time I stop for a rest.

Can’t believe I’d forgotten how much I love the Eurostar. It’s just so easy and comfortable.

Sometimes it isn’t until you experience something really good that you realise just how crap the alternative is. You know, like flying on a budget airline to Paris.

With the Eurostar there are no queues, no hassle, no long waits and no idiot holding up the security queue with their ginormous bottles of liquids.

After a breakfast of croissants, muesli and orange juice I sat back and watched the French countryside pass me by and I arrived in less than 2 hours.

First stop

My first stop in Paris was Citadines Tour Eiffel Tower and, as the name suggests, it was right by the Eiffel Tower. The location doesn’t get much better than this! This Citadines apart’hotel doesn’t look like much from the outside but once inside it’s the perfect hidden gem. You’re hit by the smell of freshly brewing coffee and the super friendly staff welcome you inside.

My room on the 6th floor was spacious but cosy, nicely designed (I love that wallpaper), spotlessly clean, modern and with a handy kitchenette too.

I spent forever ogling out my window and admiring the view before remembering there was a whole city to explore!

That evening I went to a press event to launch the Citadines Moments 30 campaign and meet the other bloggers involved. There were about 20 members of the French press who were all interested in the competition and seeing what we get up to. Each Citadines property also has a big banner in reception explaining the competition and it’s so exciting that it’s being promoted to all of Citadines customers.

This is all for today. I will tell you more about this experience in the next post. Btw, is a app for traveling. You can meet here great people, make friends and so on.

Caroline, mature woman from Rome getting married to yuusk guy

I want to tell you my story… I online dated on and off for about five years. Yes, five years!!!

I had so many train wreck dates and a lot of weirdos, whack jobs, losers and players contacting me that I started to record them all. I also had some success — three boyfriends from online dating, but none were the one. On my fortieth birthday, I was talking to my dad on the phone, lamenting about my single status and whining that I would probably be alone for the rest of my life. My father suggested I go back online, to which I said, ‘Are you crazy?’ But I got off the phone and thought about it and decided to go back online to for one more month. Two weeks into my month, I met someone.

Our first phone conversation was two hours long! I broke my rule of no meals on a first online date and made dinner plans. I figured even if there is no chemistry, I know I can talk to this guy. The first date was instant fireworks for both of us. Jonathan had a second date the next night with a girl from online, and he cancelled it, telling her, ‘I met someone!’ After our first date, he knew. I knew. We were engaged six months later and married five months after that.
Anny C.

Yuusk Friendship becomes a Relationship

I first tried match, thinking if you pay, the Guys are more serious.

Talked to a few, but nothing unique and far of what I was expecting for.

Went on and met and had dates with a few nice guys who didn’t end up serious, but weren’t bad guys like the match one.

With Ramon, all was different. We started talking in a Monday, met in person 2 weeks later for dinner, planing our trip in India…

I want to clarify that I wasn’t looking for a relationship, just making new friends, travel a lot, meet new interesting people…but all in India was so wonderful, he was so charming that it was almost impossible not getting in love with him.

Been together nearly 2 years now and waiting in proposal. It’s funny it moved so quick, but were both happy! 😍