Flirting online with an Spanish lady on Flysister

I’m Italian and met an Spanish girl while browsing a website called ““. I basically made a free account there and browsed for members near me. My attention was captivated by a 23 year old, Spanish girl living in Milan. I started to chat with her and I asked her contact in the second message. I totally had no idea if she was really interested or not . She gave me her contact without any issue and I was really surprised because she was damn hot. The problem is that she didn’t answered my call and i though she is fake. I totally got she’s not interested in me or fake, but fu**, in the next day she called me and invite me for a coffee. We liked each other and she was looking like in the photos 100%. Damn , lucky me!

In the evening we decided to meet again for dinner. You know when you meet someone, and you just vibe? You never run out of things to talk about, you laugh together, you have tons in common, and you feel a sort of magnetic-like attraction to them?

-She was exactly like this!

The fun fact is that abroad girls mostly reply with me even though they are not interested but they also approach me, which I’d honestly never expected because in Italy this is an utopia.

This happened in North of Italy and I know southern part of Italy is completely different.

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